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The Best Superfood Powder Supplements Ever

There are many amazing foods on the planet: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, herbs, spices, and the list goes on. But only a select few of them earn the name “superfoods”. These include foods like chocolate, Acai berries, spirulina algae, kale, and salmon–foods that are packed with more nutritional value than you’d find anywhere else. […]

Vegan Protein Ice Cream Recipe

Most deserts typically consist of sugar and carbohydrates. These are two ingredients that when you eat them in excess don’t help your body thrive. Sugar is highly addictive to the brain and body, making you crave more and more sweets constantly. But wait … eating dessert does not need to be this way. With some […]

Alternatives to Medifast – The Top 3 Medifast Diet Alternatives

Medifast is a popular diet, a common recommendation by doctors for patients struggling with weight loss. It works by creating a caloric deficit, forcing your body to burn fat. This diet consists of controlled portions of nutritionally complete foods that are low fat, low calorie and low carb. Many of the foods in the Medifast […]

Super Protein Muffins Recipe – Coconut, Dates, Prunes, and Quinoa

Whether it is a post-workout or a pre-workout, or just small bites in the afternoon, an amazing way to guarantee a snack will keep you fully satisfied is by making sure its full of protein. According to studies, consuming protein increases your body’s production for hunger-fighting hormones. This explains the reason high-protein snacks are effective […]

No Holds Barred Vega Sport Protein Review

If you looked at all the protein powders available on the market, you’d be amazed to find that a large majority of the top-rated products are animal-derived. That’s right, many of the best protein powders come from milk (both whey and casein) and eggs. For vegetarians and vegans, this makes it hard to find a […]

The Ultimate Protein Pancake Mixes to Try

Sometimes after a tough workout pounding a protein shake just doesn’t do it. You just smashed your deadlift record and your muscles are spent and your stomach is growling with hunger. It’s time to feed the beast. Why Protein Pancakes? If you’re prepping for your next bodybuilding or physique show or even just trying to […]

The 3 Best Masticating Juicers Ever

Juicing is one of the best ways to include more fruits and veggies in your diet the easy way! It’s always easier to drink a cup of green juice than it is to eat a heaping plate of your least favorite veggies. For people who want to increase their raw food consumption, juicers can be […]

6 Delicious 21 Day Fix Lunch Ideas to Kill Cravings

The 21 Day Fix diet and workout regimen has become incredibly popular, even ranking as one of the most searched diets on Google in 2015. Although the idea of carefully portioned out meals isn’t new, many people find the way this regimen is more successful thanks to the use of color-coded containers. When the 21 […]

The Best Colon Cleanse Pills That Actually Work

You’d be amazed by all the garbage that currently calls your colon home! So much of the waste material in your colon will never see the light of day, simply because it is clinging to the walls of your intestines. You will never truly have a “clean” colon, but if you aren’t careful, you’ll find […]

Boku Superfood Review – My Personal Experience

I’ll be honest, a year ago I didn’t know “Boku” existed. Over the past few months I’ve been interested in testing out different superfood and greens supplements. I’m a HUGE fan of juicer and I do a lot of it, but sometimes I’m in too much of a hurry. For many years, it was pretty […]