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Top 7 High Protein Snack Ideas

Are you sure you’re getting enough protein? A protein deficiency is a very real issue and you may not even recognize the signs of your body alerting you to the problem. Common symptoms include food cravings, feeling unusually sore and slow to recover from exercise, or mentally feeling drained/have trouble focusing. The average person living […]

The Top 5 Best Vegan Protein Bars

If you eat a vegan diet protein is vitally important. While you can get all of your protein needs from your diet, this just isn’t possible for many people. Protein bars can be very helpful in maintaining a proper diet, especially for those that are very active. Unfortunately finding vegan protein bars can be tricky. […]

The Top 3 Best Hemp Protein Powders

The health and fitness world is ruled by animal protein sources, with whey and whey isolate protein being the most popular powder options. Protein powders do come in handy, whether it’s for meal replacement or a more specific purpose like a post-workout shake. Since the average person doesn’t consume enough protein on a daily basis, […]

3 Smoothie Ingredient Combinations to Avoid

Making smoothies has become so popular in the recent past. Sadly, every ingredient beneath the sun is finding its way into smoothies. It is so wrong. Some ingredient combinations are unhealthy, to say the least. This does not mean that all ingredients are unhealthy. In fact, you can get the nutrition you need from seeds, […]

It Works! Greens: Are They Worth the Cost?

For most of us, it’s TOUGH to get all the fruits and veggies we need every day, but greens can help. Between our busy schedules, our (often) poor eating habits, and our need to pack a convenient lunch to take to work, it’s difficult to get more raw foods. But that’s where “green” supplements come […]

A Better Way to Whey? Reserveage Grass Fed Whey Protein Review

If you are trying to get fit, lose weight, or build muscle, whey protein can be your best friend. Not only will whey protein provide the amino acids your body needs to expand and repair existing muscle tissue, but it will speed up your metabolism and keep you full for hours after eating. It’s a […]

How Smoothies Are a Fast Option for Busy People

Smoothies are excellent for the busy folks. It is especially true for those that aren’t into cooking since preparing them is fast. Additionally, making smoothies is a great way to connect with the kitchen. Preparing them also introduces you to the prude aisle of the grocery store and all its possibilities. In addition to being […]

The Top 5 Best Protein Supplements for Sensitive Stomachs

One of the most common complaints of protein supplements is an upset stomach. Cramping, gas and bloating are just a couple side effects of protein powders. This isn’t necessarily due to the quality of ingredients, although that can play a part, but rather that many people are somewhat lactose intolerant. While you may enjoy a glass […]

The Top 5 Apps to Keep Your Diet on Track

It’s all about the data. We live in a connected world. Between our cell phones, computers, and everything else, we can track everything from our heart rates to our bowel movements. For the past decade, the health and fitness industry has to be leading the pack in terms of available apps and devices to keep you […]

The Top 5 Best Thermogenics for Men

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight (the REAL weight loss–meaning burning fat), you know how darned hard it can be! The human body has evolved to accumulate fat, as it is trying to protect against starvation. Burning fat is one of the most difficult things, and it goes against your body’s instincts. For those […]