Body Fortress Whey vs Gold Standard Whey

Body Fortress Whey vs Gold Standard Whey: Which Works Best?

If there ever was a ‘most popular supplement’ contest, whey protein would probably make the podium, if not winning first place. Whey protein shakes are so ubiquitous that ‘drinking protein shakes’ have become a stereotype associated with gym junkies and other fitness enthusiasts. Because of their popularity, consumers are spoilt for choice; there are dozens […]

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The Fruits and Vegetables to Avoid on Keto

Following the keto diet can be extremely difficult, especially if you’re just starting out on your new lifestyle change. A lot of people who are joining the ketogenic lifestyle may go ahead and assume that all fruits and vegetables are safe to consume on keto, not fully aware that there are actually some fruits and […]

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The Extensive Optifast Review – Is This Weight-Loss Program Effective?

In this review, we will comprehensively discuss Optifast weight loss program which is a medically-supervised diet. It was first launched in 1974 and it is quite a challenge, being an intensive program. Optifast’s main focus is lowering calorie intake and consuming high protein meal substitutes mostly. Below, we have detailed several aspects of this diet […]

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Dr Mercola Krill Oil Review: Is it Worth It?

Ask any fitness enthusiast about his or her supplement regime and there are a few ‘basics’ that you can expect to find: whey protein, creatine, multivitamins, and fish oil. The benefits of all of these supplements are not in question which is why even people who are rightfully skeptical of the whole supplement industry usually […]

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Plexus vs Shakeology

Plexus vs Shakeology: Which One Works Better?

Meal replacement shakes have been a thing for decades, and there is a myriad of such products on the market. In today’s review and comparison article, we will be looking at two brands that have an interesting bit in common: Plexus and Team Beach Body’s Shakeology. Interestingly, both Plexus and Team Beach Body are supplement […]

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