Last Updated on by Amy Aitman is your resource guide for information pertaining to alternative protein supplements and healthy living techniques.

We strive to provide honest, authentic content.

We strive on providing authentic, accurate, fully researched and vetted information, reviews, comparisons, alternatives to try, guides, recipes and so much more.

We care.

We care about the quality of the products we recommend. For example, while some people only care about the number of grams of protein per serving, AltProtein cares about the quality of protein. Most mainstream protein blends contain high levels of sugar, flavor masking agents and a panoply of artificial ingredients.

We research.

To this end, AltProtein researches effective ways to increase your protein intake, maximize your workouts, and treat your body with respect. Sure, you can pump yourself full of junk for a while and see some results, but this is a short-term mindset.

We believe in the long-term.

We believe health is a long-term goal that we can all strive to improve on a daily basis. Our goal here on AltProtein is to continually produce the highest-quality reviews, guides, and more to give our dedicated audience a place to come to get the latest information, real-deal, tested reviews, comparisons of products, health tips, and more.

Our Purpose

Empowering people to make good decisions about their health by providing tested, researched, and trialed product reviews, comparisons, and recommendations.

Our Mission

To help people make informed, smart choices when it comes to their health and wellbeing. To give people alternatives to expensive, poor-quality supplements and health products that are better for their health and their wallets.

We believe that investing in your health should not cost you your first-born, which is why our editorial team strives to recommend the highest quality products, with proven, organic, natural ingredients that won’t break the bank. Many health supplements are sold through multi-level marketing programs, with expensive fees and pushy representatives. Here at AltProtein, we take a deeper look at these products, test them out, investigate the ingredients and hold them to a higher standard for our audience.

Here are some of our core product alternatives pages:

Here are some of our best of and guides:

Here are some of our best product reviews and comparisons:

We also believe in giving safe, effective alternatives and product recommendations for every diet out there. Not all diet programs work for everyone. Some of us thrive eating a plant-based diet, while some find optimal health and wellbeing embracing a Keto or Paleo lifestyle. Our writers and editorial team come with a variety of personal diet preferences, so we test and trial a variety of products out there.

Our Values

  • Integrity: Not only in the products we recommend but in our research and brand approach
  • Trustworthiness: If we say we’ve tested and tried a product, we have.
  • Accessibility: An accessible approach to health. We believe everyone should be able to live their best lives. We strive to always find recommendations for every budget, every diet preference, making healthy lives accessible for all.
  • Simplicity: You won’t have to know where we stand on a product.
  • Goodness: Everything we do is about finding the ‘good’ products, in value and in ingredients.

Our Editorial Review

We take product recommendations very seriously around here. Before we recommend an alternative, a supplement, anything — we do extensive research. That starts with researching the ingredients each product is made of, accessing the right scientific studies, consulting experts in the space (nutritionists, naturopaths, medical doctors, nurses) and reading real people reviews and use cases of each product.

As much as possible, our writers and editorial team use and test each product in their real lives. We not only evaluate and discuss the health benefits of each product, but we can then talk about the taste, the mixability of a protein powder, things you might not find in other reviews, but that really matter to our audience.

Every article goes through an extensive editorial process as well to ensure high-quality, relevant content for our audience. We make sure that each article has a clear purpose, gives a clear and tested recommendation, or call to action and is helpful for our audience. We make sure to cite outside sources and document where we got our research from.

Every article is unique, authentic, original content that is not published anywhere else. If we quote or source someone else, we cite it. We also only cite reputable, trusted sources.

If we are making a recommendation of any kind, it’s because we like, use, and have tested the product out and would recommend it to our friends and family (and often do!).

We update key articles continuously so we are always recommending the latest products and keeping abreast of the latest health breakthroughs and research available. We also take product recalls very seriously and strive to make sure we are recommending products that are proven, effective and safe.

About the Founder

Owen Alexander started AltProtein with the mission to share his passion for the health industry with others. After learning about sub-par, expensive ‘health’ products that were being extensively marketed to people, he wanted to offer another solution.

Having worked in the personal training industry for over 5 years, he has personally seen clients struggle with making smart, affordable, accessible health choices. He knew there had to be another way, thus AltProtein was started.

Owen quickly found his passion for natural and healthy living was reaching an audience as he reviewed, tested, tried the best natural vegan, organic, and natural supplements and protein powders out there. His passion for all things vegan protein soon expanded as he discovered other high-quality products he loved as well and would test and try those out as well.

Owen built Alt Protein into a thriving resource that thousands of visitors love each day. What started off as a labor of love has now grown to a full-time operation and obsession for many, including the writers, editorial staff and experts Owen has brought on board to grow AltProtein into a leader in the online health and wellness industry.

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Our Contributors

We choose writers that are not only expert writers, researchers, but also have a passion for healthy living. Our contributors do their best to test the products that they use, or compare and offer frank, authentic reviews of every product. Our contributors are not endorsed by any product, so they remain unbiased. They are real users, real people who have years of experience testing out new diets, new health products — some of which they love, some of which they don’t.

Here are some of our select contributors at Alt Protein:

Isabelle Bertolami MS, RDN

Isabelle Bertolami is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition from New York University. She is a freelance nutrition writer and runs an online nutrition counseling practice. Using evidence-based research and a personalized nutrition approach Isabelle helps her clients reach their health objectives. She lives in Paris, France and spends her free time whipping up new healthy recipes and eating her way through France. You can see what’s on her plate at @eatwithisabelle.

Ben Holt, Certified Personal Trainer & Natural Health Fanatic

Ben has been a certified personal trainer for several years now and has a passion for wellness, health, fitness like no other. He’s been educating himself on nutrition since he was in high school. His girlfriend is a professional herbalist and food healer, so he takes the health and wellness discussions into the homefront. Not only is Ben a seasoned, professional writer, but he also uses and tests health products, protein supplements, and more personally and shares his insights on topics such as protein, diets, muscle recovery, muscle building, supplements, and naturally-sourced products.

Jodie Chiffey, Juice & Smoothie Chef

Jodie is a nutrition and health expert who has worked in almost all aspects of nutrition communications as a blogger, writer, columnist, and speaker. As a freelance food and nutrition writer, Jodie’s articles and recipes can also be found on her successful blog called The Juice Chief.

Erin Jamieson, Nutrition Enthusiast

Erin Jamieson holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Miami University of Ohio. Her writing has been published or is forthcoming in After the Pause, Into the Void, Flash Frontier, and Foliate Oak Literary, among others, and her fiction has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Erin, once a varsity athlete and now a recreational runner, knows how important it is to get whole and quality nutrition. She hopes to help guide consumers to the very best products and plans to optimize their health.

Alizabeth Swain, Keto Enthusiast & Expert

Alizabeth Swain is a freelance content writer that developed an enthusiasm for the Ketogenic diet after she was able to eliminate her chronic illness and beat her lifelong struggle with her weight by following the Keto diet. Alizabeth is on a mission to educate others on how to achieve better health and a happier life by managing their chronic illnesses through the diet and healthy choices. When she’s not writing, you can find her fashion blogging on her YouTube channel or creating new products for her cruelty-free cosmetic company.

Alexandra Gavrilescu, Health Nut & Product Hunter

Alexandra is a passionate and reliable content writer with skills in SEO optimizing and editing as well. She has a versatile writing style and her main areas of expertise are nutrition, fitness, health, wellness, and personal growth. In addition, she simply loves writing articles in the aforementioned fields because she also speaks from her personal experience. Apart from content creation, her hobbies are horseback riding, playing the piano, traveling, and reading.

Crystal Schwanke, Fitness Fanatic

Crystal Schwanke has been immersed in the fitness and health world since 1999 when she took her first weightlifting class for PE credit and fell in love with feeling strong. Since then, she hasn’t strayed far from workouts (from yoga and Pilates to HIIT and weightlifting) or the pursuit of nutrition knowledge. She’s working on certifications in personal training and nutrition coaching.