Negative Side Effects of NO Xplode – Reasons to Avoid NO Xplode

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NO Xplode has been designed as an aggressive product geared for body builders in strength training. It features advanced technology in ingredients and a formula that is more concentrated. The manufacturer advertises that it will push your workouts past their previous limits.

Delivering such explosive energy does not come without side effects. This isn’t an attempt to bash a particular brand, but it’s important to know the side effects prior to starting a supplement regimen.


Some users of NO Xplode experience insomnia, particularly if the product is taken within several hours before sleep. It is recommended that you use this product in the morning or afternoon, so that your body has time to wind down.

Tremors & Dizziness

You may experience mild muscle tremors after you use NO Xplode. Dizziness may also occur after the use of the product.

Tingling Skin Sensation

Some users of NO Xplode experience tingling sensations in their skin. This is caused by the niacin and amino acids in the product. The manufacturer’s website asserts that this sensation can subside in several hours, and that you will not likely experience it further if you continue using the supplement regularly.

Heart Palpitations

NO Xplode increases your heart rate and blood pressure, which could cause heart palpitations. Rapid heartbeat may be experienced, and it can even lead to a stroke. If you already have any heart condition, this may cause it to worsen. Chills and sweating may sometimes occur.


If you take NO Xplode supplements, dehydration may occur. This is caused by your increased perspiration from the product’s stimulants. Discontinue using NO Xplode if you experience dehydration. Drink lots of fluids when you take this product, especially water. The water restores fluids and offsets dehydration.


Since NO Xplode includes ingredients that increase your heart rate and blood pressure, you may have headaches when you use the product. These occur because of the constriction to your blood vessels. In order to reduce this side effect, avoid consuming other sources of caffeine when you take NO Xplode.

Natural, Safer Alternatives to NO Xplode

Finding safe and natural alternatives to products like this used to be difficult, but more companies make effective alternatives today. You get similar results without all the possible ill effects.


VegaSport is a more natural product for vegetarian and vegan athletes and body builders. The company offers pre-workout products that are viable alternatives to NO Xplode and similar supplements. The pre-workout energizer is packed with yerba mate, sprouted brown rice syrup and green tea.

This provides your training sessions and workouts with extra levels of performance, without artificial compounds and chemicals.

The Vegasport line includes some excellent alternatives to other workout supplements. Their electrolyte hydrator boosts your metabolism while it restocks your body’s stores of electrolytes.

Vegasport entices body builders with a plant-based, all-natural protein blend. It includes glutamine and BCAAs, and it has natural ingredients that rival many of the most highly developed animal-based
protein blends.

Plant-based protein supplements, due to their source, have a taste that is a bit different from the blends to which you may be accustomed. It may taste a bit “strange” at first, but you can probably get used to it. Other than that, most reviews are positive. You can check out more about VegaSport
pre-workout here

Now Foods Whey Protein

Now Foods has a full line of vitamins and supplements, including a protein blend. It is a whey isolate, which means it includes protein that is much cleaner for your body. Research shows that whey isolates help the body to rebuild muscle fiber and recover from workouts. This brand of whey protein dissolves especially easy. Some protein powders are difficult to mix and clumpy.

Now Whey Protein is also tasteless. It includes no fake chocolate or vanilla, or other extravagant, artificial flavors. Unlike other brands, this has no funny aftertaste, either. Check out this listing for
pricing options


The philosophy of Isopure is to deliver the cleanest, purest protein. Isopure does not include lactose, sugars or extra carbohydrates. The company’s supplements are also fat free or of the lowest fat amounts possible.

The natural proteins from Isopure come in differing sizes, forms and flavors. They offer single serving drinks for athletes on the go. Most people feel that these drinks are tasty and they boast 100% isolated whey protein.

Isopure offers quality results in protein powders. One popular blend is Keto-friendly and zero-carb, providing your body with 26 protein grams without fats, carbs, sugars or artificial flavoring. View this listing for more information.

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