How Smoothies Are a Fast Option for Busy People

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)


Smoothies are excellent for the busy folks. It is especially true for those that aren’t into cooking since preparing them is fast. Additionally, making smoothies is a great way to connect with the kitchen. Preparing them also introduces you to the prude aisle of the grocery store and all its possibilities.

In addition to being a darling of busy people, making a smoothie is certainly empowering. It allows you to control your nutrition and health too.

Your smoothie recipe surely calls for a scoop or two of protein powder.

Great Grains and Apple Smoothie

Undeniably, this smoothie tastes like apple pie in a glass. Nonetheless, you will not find 58 grams worth of protein inside a slice of your Grandma’s famous dessert, right? A good number of blenders should be able to pulverize an apple. The skin will also benefit immensely from the additional phytonutrients.

Blend the following:

  1. 2 tablespoons of almonds
  2. One cup of spinach
  3. One apple with the core removed and neatly sliced into wedges
  4. Two scoops of protein powder (vanilla flavored)
  5. 12 oz water, yogurt, and milk
  6. Cinnamon to taste
  7. Ice as needed
  8. A quarter cup of raw/uncooked oats

535 calories, 13 g fat, 58 g protein, 9 g fiber, 46 g carbs (they all account for utilizing water as fluid rather than yogurt or milk)

What is for sure is the fact that smoothies are an excellent way to obtain a nutrient-packed snack or meal, stat … They have the ability to offer everything you need – fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and protein – all in one cup.

Best of all, smoothies might be the fastest foods of all. You don’t need much time in terms of preparation. Smoothies also do not require much cleanup or cooking. Just put your ingredients in a blender and go …

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