The Metabolic Factor Review – Is This Program Worth It?

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2018)

If you consume a well-balanced diet and follow a healthy way of life, you will lose weight or will you?! According to the Metabolic Factor program, there’s more to losing weight than dieting and exercising. For starters, you need to boost your metabolism in order to burn more fat. But is this program right for you? If you want to consider it as a potential weight-loss method, you should definitely read my review.

What Is Metabolic Factor?

In a short simple description, Metabolic Factor is nothing else but a carb-restricted eating plan that also includes cheat meals. Due to these cheat meals, it will be easier for dieters to follow and complete the program without caving or failing to complete their diet. In other words, this system can also be called a carb-cycling program, during which almost anything goes, as long as you follow the rest of their rules and guidelines.

Most other similar diets are harder to follow because dieters must give up many foods they like. The Metabolic Factor program provides two main plan options: the basic and the advanced ones. Both alternatives have plenty of similarities but the second one is more complex and takes the process of losing weight to a whole new level. Also, the Advanced plan works great for people who want to lose only a couple of pounds but in a short amount of time.

Those of you who have a lot of weight to get rid of or want a slower weight-loss process should try the Basic level of the Metabolic Factor program. The great thing about these two choices is the fact that they’re compatible. In other words, you can easily go from one plan to the other anytime you want. The Basic plan allows you to enjoy any kind of cheat meals you want as long as you eat them at certain times.

When it comes to the Advanced plan, the company’s representatives recommend dieters to limit their cheat meals to low-glycemic and healthy carbohydrates. However, if you want something different, feel free to combine these types of treats. For example, today you can have one cheat meal that is included in the Basic plan and the next day or week, you can indulge in healthier snacks. Pay attention that this strategy might not work the same for any body type.

Who Created This Program?

The Metabolic Factor was developed by Dr. Jonny Bowden who has included a lot of his personal experiences in the program. In his late 30’s, Dr. Bowden was a musician and he admitted that on tours, he often used recreational drugs as a way of entertaining himself. Then, he began to struggle with his own overweight issues. Luckily, he put an end to all those harmful habits and in his journey towards a healthier life, he came up with the idea of the Metabolic Factor.

According to him and his concept, the mission of his eating program is to help people lose weight, be healthy, and maintain their new weight afterward. In fact, he is considered some kind of a weight-loss myth buster due to the fact that more than 200,000 people have accomplished their fitness goals by following this diet. Dr. Bowden’s educational background combines two main domains: nutrition and psychology.

The Materials Included in the System

The Metabolic Factor provides plenty of useful content because it is an in-depth program. You will receive customized step-by-step coaching sessions and written materials. All you have to do is to apply those rules and keep track of your progress.

1. The Blueprint

This guide will last you for 22 days, during which you will learn more about ways to kill cravings, how to increase your sleep’s quality, how to lower stress, methods to detox your organism, and proper movements that you should do during this diet. Besides the Blueprint, clients also receive the Daily Nutrition Planner so it will be very easy to plan your meals and see what you are allowed to eat next.

2. The Quick Start Guide

The guide will allow you to kick-start the actual program. Basically, it is a summarization of the entire diet, condensed into a shorter material that is dedicated to dieters with very busy schedules. So, if you don’t have enough time or patience to read the Blueprint which has 75 pages, you can use the Quick Start Guide instead and start your weight-loss journey right this second.

3. The Progress Tracker

If you keep score of how much weight you lose and in what amount of time, you will achieve better overall results. This material is great when you want to see your fat loss or monitor your progress.

4. The 10-Minutes Meals Material

I am sure that you, like me and anybody else, don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, trying to prepare healthy meals. For me, it’s no fun so, to save you time and effort, Metabolic Factor has come up with the idea of a 10-Minutes Meals material. These recipes are easy to make, they take maximum ten minutes, not to mention they are delicious.

5. Metabolic Motivation™

When it comes to fitness, nutrition, weight-loss, and health, you must align your desires with your thoughts, action plan, and motivation. While some people can easily do this, others truly struggle to find their inner motivation. Therefore, Metabolic Motivation comes in handy in those types of situations in which you find it difficult to continue your diet without caving. Dieters will receive daily emails filled with tips, inspirational quotes, and guidance.

Free Bonuses of the Metabolic Factor Program

1. Top 50 Foods that Trigger IGF-1

The IGF-1 is a hormone that’s responsible with how well your metabolism works as well as your weight management. So, there are certain foods that spike this hormone and you should consume more of them. Clients can find the list of these items in this free bonus.

2. 5 Mistakes to Avoid that Damage Your Metabolism

Despite what most people think, certain types of workouts can actually negatively impact their IGF-1 hormone levels. In this material, you will learn what to avoid when you exercise in order to help your metabolism.

3. 7 Most Powerful Foods that Boost the IGF-1 Hormone

This bonus is dedicated to those who need a helping hand in figuring out what foods should they eat that suits their body type the best. All 7 IGF-1 boosters included here are completely natural ingredients.

4. The Super Bonus Material

Metabolic Factor clients will receive weekly personal calls from the doctor himself. The founder of the program will call his subscribers to offer them coaching sessions on a very personal level.

I think we all agree that all the bonuses presented above are great and useful. Still, some of the information detailed in those materials can be easily found on the Internet, for free.

How Does Metabolic Factor Work?

This 22-day weight-loss program is said to help you boost your metabolism, burn fat, and achieve optimal health. Each of the materials the program provides must be carefully consulted and followed in order to accomplish your personal fitness goals. According to the founder, if you skip any one of these guidelines, you will compromise your results. But, hey, what is he supposed to say?! After all, it is his program, he needs a strong marketing strategy to sell his system, and he will tell consumers that his method works best when followed through from A to Z.

Dr. Bowden’s diet plan focuses on triggering your organism’s hormonal reactions that are needed when you want to boost your metabolism. You can customize the program. For example, if you want to follow a vegan or a ketogenic lifestyle, you can adjust this program to your own eating habits.

At first, you will be required to take a quick simple quiz that will tell you your fat burning type. Based on your answers, you will receive a personalized video that addresses your own unique challenges. The rest of the program is structured in modules with different sections.

Pros and Cons


  • The program is completely transparent. You can download all the details you need on your computer or iPad in just an instant;
  • The company offers a reassuring money-back guarantee within 60 days from the purchase;
  • You might not lose weight as much as you wish, but you will still benefit from having a better-looking skin, stronger hair, improved cognitive functions, and boosted energy levels;
  • The creator of the Metabolic Factor is an expert in nutrition so his program is backed by research as well as based on his personal experience;
  • During this diet, you will be able to enjoy tasty foods;
  • The system is not a restrictive one and you still have the freedom of choosing your own foods, until a certain level, of course.


  • The company claims on their website that clients can change the way they look in just two days with the help of this diet. This is pretty hard to believe and I would rather remain realistic when it comes to weight loss;
  • Although the diet is quite flexible, you will have to eliminate all fried foods but I think this is something that any diet or nutritionist would ask you to do;
  • According to the founder, dieters don’t even need to exercise. All they have to do is to engage in certain movements that are recommended on the website. I’m sorry but this is hard to believe as well because a proper and healthy lifestyle combines a balanced diet with regular exercise. Otherwise, it the program might not be effective;
  • There are still some studies to be conducted in order to confirm whether or not the Metabolic Factor’s approach is effective indeed;
  • For me, the website and some of their claims seem a bit too sales-oriented and commercially so I have my doubts on whether should I trust this system or not.

Metabolic Factor vs. a Regular Diet

Traditional DietMetabolic Factor
Always count caloriesYou aren’t required to count calories
You must have a very good willpowerHunger and cravings are controlled by hormones
It has a standard non-customizable approachYou will receive a personalized diet that suits your unique needs
Slows metabolism instead of increasing itBoosts your metabolism which increases fat burn
One must eliminate carbs altogetherYou can still eat carbohydrates
Regular diets make your muscle soft or saggyThis diet tones your muscles, making them stronger
You will experience yo-yo weight gainsYou will experience a consistent weight loss

How to Buy This Program – How Much Does It Cost?

You can either complete the quiz that I was talking about earlier in my post, and you will receive your free personalized video or simply access the company’s official website where you can click the order button that’s placed at the bottom of the main page. If you choose the first option and you answer the questionnaire, you will have to go through a 20-minute video in which Dr. Bowden talks about your fat burn type. In the end, a buy button will appear and all you have to do is press it.

The second option only works if you have bought this product/service before or you have already viewed the introductory video. I, for one, if I would be sure I want to purchase this program, I would skip the video and go directly to the ordering page, but you shouldn’t necessarily do the same.

The regular price of this program is $67 but, at the moment, there’s a discount available of $30. You won’t find it on any other platform like Amazon or other third-party sellers.

Bottom Line

All in all, this seems to be a pretty decent weight-loss program. It all appears to be simple, struggle-free, transparent, and effective. On the other hand, something just doesn’t add up. For instance, I don’t really like the fact that the founder promotes his product in such a “pushy” way. He was even on Dr. Oz show but we all know that the host of that TV show is also a very commercially type of person. So, I like to find a program that teaches you to eat healthily and burn more fat but I remain a skeptic when it comes to systems that are over-promoted and promise too much. It’s like it is almost too easy to be true! But, who knows, it might actually work if you give it a try.

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