About Us

AltProtein.com is your resource guide for information pertaining to alternative protein supplements and healthy living techniques. While some people only care about the number of grams of protein per serving, AltProtein cares about the quality of protein. Most mainstream protein blends contain high levels of sugar, flavor masking agents and a panoply of artificial ingredients. To this end, AltProtein researches effective ways to increase your protein intake, maximize your workouts, and treat your body with respect. Sure, you can pump yourself full of junk for a while and see some results, but this is a short term mindset.

About the Author/Lead Webmaster

Owen Alexander is a natural living fitness enthusiast. Having worked in the personal training industry for over 5 years, he has seen enough to know that there is a third way. Writing about vegan and natural protein sources is his passion. Trying different supplements is his vocation. All product reviews have been tested personally by him and no recommendations are made without an extended trial period (usually about 3-4 weeks). 

Owen hopes to run the side full-time eventually and not have to work so much. For now, this is a labor of love. You can follow Owen on Google+: Owen Alexander


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