Vital Protein Peptides Review – Good Enough for Your Skin and More?

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? That’s right, it’s not your lungs, your liver, or your brain, but your skin, the organ that covers you from head to toe.

Your skin takes a lot of damage throughout the day–from the UV rays in sunlight, the pollution in the environment, cigarette smoke and car exhaust, and even chemicals and toxins from soaps, antibacterial gels, and skincare products. Your body needs collagen in order to repair the damage to your skin, but collagen is not easy to produce.

That’s where a collagen peptide supplement comes in handy! Thanks to the short-chain amino acids in collagen peptide supplements, you can provide your skin with the nutrients needed to produce new collagen cells and repair the damage sustained during the day. As a bonus, collagen peptide will strengthen your bones, nails, cartilage, and hair, improving your health overall.

If you’re looking for one of the best collagen peptide supplements around, you’ll definitely want to consider Vital Proteins Grass Fed Collagen Peptides!

About Vital Proteins Grass Fed Collagen Peptides

Vital Proteins Grass Fed Collagen Peptides is a 100% pure collagen peptides product. It contains no other ingredients, but it simply a product designed to provide your body with the precursor amino acids needed to produce new collagen to repair your skin.

This supplement is designed to benefit more than just your skin. Due to the fact that collagen plays such an important role in the health of your bones, joints, hair, and nails as well, it’s a supplement that can improve your overall health.

Vital Proteins Grass Fed Collagen Peptides can improve the smoothness of your skin, enhance immune function, contribute to healthy joints and bones, and even promote a healthy diet and weight loss.

This is NOT a bodybuilding or fat burning supplement, but it is one that will help to boost wellness. By taking collagen peptides, you provide the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and repair the microdamage it sustains throughout the day.

Key Features


This collagen peptide supplement is made from bovine hide, which contains gelatin similar to the type derived from bovine hooves. However, the fact that the hides come from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows means that they are far more natural than hides from commercially raised cows. The cows have not been exposed to GMO feed or chemicals, making the collagen as safe and bioavailable as possible.

This supplement is designed to be water soluble, and will dissolve in both hot and cold water for easy mixing. Unlike gelatin, it will not harden into a thick gel, so you won’t have to worry about your protein shakes or smoothies congealing. It has no flavor, meaning you can mix it into just about any liquid–soup, stew, fruit juice, milk, water, and so on–without altering the taste of your foods.

The collagen peptide comes in a non-BPA container, with an airtight seal that will protect it from damage and degradation. All in all, it’s a good supplement to consider!

Pros of Vital Proteins Grass Fed Collagen Peptides

Here are a few of the good things users have had to say about Vital Proteins Grass Fed Collagen Peptides:

  • Better than marine collagen — Marine collagen (collagen derived from fish scales or skin) is another popular source of collagen peptides, but users have commented that the bovine collagen in this supplement is a more efficient form that is easier for your body to use. Thanks to the formulation of the supplement, you will see better results in less time.
  • Visible growth –– Many people taking this supplement for their hair and nails have noticed visible growth very quickly. This includes the hair on your head, finger and toenails, and even eyelashes.
  • Unflavored –– This powder has no flavor, meaning it can be added into anything. The fact that it’s soluble in both hot and cold water makes it ideal for mixing into soups and stews as well as smoothies and shakes.
  • Excellent for skin –– The majority of reviewers of Vital Proteins Grass Fed Collagen Peptides have commented that their skin looks healthier and fresher after just a few short weeks of taking the supplement. Collagen is the primary nutrient needed for healthy skin, making this one of the best skin-friendly supplements around.

Cons of Vital Proteins Grass Fed Collagen Peptides

As with any product, there are a few negative things people had to say about Vital Proteins Grass Fed Collagen Peptides:

  • Pricey –­ This supplement will run you $41 for a 20-ounce container (For the latest prices and discounts, check here). Compare that to the $20 to $30 you’ll pay for most protein powders, and you can understand why this is considered a “premium” product. However, for those who want healthier skin, hair, and nails, it’s a good option.
  • Bad aftertaste –– Despite the lack of flavor, there is a subtle aftertaste that many people dislike. For many reviewers, the aftertaste was a dealbreaker that stopped them from taking the supplement.
  • Non-vegan/vegetarian — The fact that this supplement is made from bovine hide means that vegans and vegetarians will be unable to take it.
  • Digestive issues –– A number of users have reported suffering digestive issues, such as indigestion, stomach upset, and even bloating. Be aware of these potential side effects if you decide to try Vital Proteins Grass Fed Collagen Peptides.

Other Options to Consider

Not sure Vital Proteins Grass Fed Collagen Peptides is the product for you? Here are a few competing products to consider:

Natural Force® Primal Peptides This product is also made from grass-fed bovine hide, but it’s formulated for more active athletic use. The product is 100% Paleo Diet-friendly, making it a good option for those with dietary restrictions. On the downside, it’s significantly more expensive than Vital Proteins–costing you $20 (For the latest prices and discounts, check here)  for less than 6 ounces!

Sports Research Premium Collagen Peptides This is another grass-fed cow product, but one with a much better aftertaste then Vital Proteins. It contains a similar nutritional profile, with a similar price tag–roughly $25 (For the latest prices and discounts, check here) for 16 ounces of the supplement. It’s also a sport-oriented supplement designed for athletes leading active lives.

Neocell Marine Collagen plus Hyaluronic Acid Instead of delivering collagen peptides in powdered form, this supplement comes in the form of capsules containing both collagen derived from fish and hyaluronic acid to improve connective and neural tissue. It is a more vegetarian-friendly option than Vital Proteins, as it’s derived from tilapia fish rather than cows. At $13 for 120 capsules  (For the latest prices and discounts, check here) containing 2 grams of collagen peptides, it’s a well-priced, affordable option.

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for a supplement to improve your skin health, you’d do well to consider Vital Proteins Grass Fed Collagen Peptides. It’s a fairly natural, GMO-free product derived from grass-fed cows, making it a good choice for those who want to avoid artificial and highly processed supplements. Despite a couple of downsides (like a high price tag and iffy aftertaste), you’ll find that it’s an excellent product that gets results!

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