3 Best Isagenix Alternatives for 2019 – My Cheaper Isagenix Substitutes

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Isagenix is one of the major meal replacement players in the market. Like many similar “programs”, they leverage a full lineup of supplements and proteins into a “total body makeover” solution.

Having worked in the fitness industry for years, I’ve seen so many people – particularly women – come into my training sessions talking about Isagenix, Shakeology, Advocare, Slim Fast, etc… I can understand the allure. All of these companies have HUGE marketing budgets and have high brand recognition. But the advertising hides some of the hard truths about the industry.

After doing my round-up of the top Shakeology alternatives, I had a reader ask about Isagenix. I figured it was a good jumping off point to discuss Isagenix and some of the substitutes available on the market. I’m not saying that you can’t have success with Isagenix. In fact, many people will see some results.

However, my main concern with programs like this is 1) the high relative cost, and 2) the quality of ingredients. In order for me to talk about the “cons” of Isagenix, I think it’s important to recommend some alternatives. You’ll see that I’ve highlighted 3 Isagenix substitutes below.

Bottom Line Up Front: I personally prefer Vega One as the top alternative to Isagenix. It’s generally cheaper and the ingredients are a lot more straightforward.

So What’s Problem with Isagenix Anyway? Isagenix Shakes vs Other Shakes

Best Overall
  • Close at IsaLean at 20g of protein per serving
  • <1g sugar and 30mg sodium ONLY
  • A good “meal replacement”
Best Organic
  • USDA certified organic product
  • Only 50mg of sodium
  • Uses milk from grass-fed cows
Best Budget
  • Very AFFORDABLE cost per serving
  • Contains quality ingredients
  • Lesser calories and carbs than Isagenix

The MLM Factor: The problem with Isagenix – and similar programs – is that it is incredibly difficult to find honest reviews and assessments.

Other protein supplements seem to have a fair amount of “pros” and “cons” to them, but virtually every search result in Google has nothing but glowing results for Isagenix. Why is this, you might ask? Three big letters. M. L. M. Isagenix, like Shakeology, Herbalife, and so many others, is supported by a multi-level marketing system.

Most people equate MLMs with scams (like pyramid schemes). I don’t think they all are, but it is always important to ask: “to whom does it benefit”. In this case, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of individuals who have a vested interest in pumping up Isagenix to surreal levels.

This is all backed up by quasi-scientific claims about the miracle of Isagenix. For a good medical counterpoint, (check out this link) critique by Harriet Hall, MD.

The Cost Factor: Beyond the marketing shenanigans, there is a very practical reason not to go with Isagenix. Price. Isagenix is cheaper than some other supplement programs like Shakeology, but it’s still a pretty expensive system.

For the shakes alone, you are looking at $51.95 for 14 servings per container. That works out to $3.71 per serving. Not terrible if you buy the marketing that $3.71 is a lot cheaper than a heart surgery! This is actually a legitimate claim they make.

When I was first considering Isagenix as a legitimate supplement, the price was the first concern I had. In short, you can find a bunch of more affordable options with better ingredients and less “filler” and “marketing”.

See below for my top recommendations:

Nature’s Bounty Protein Shake

If you are looking for an affordable protein shake with quality ingredients, Nature’s Bounty is my favorite. It might not be very heavily marketed or promoted, but it’s worth every penny for what you get. What I particularly like is that it is a “clean” protein supplement without all the additives, filler,  and other junk common in many mainstream brands.

The only downside is that it only features 15 grams of protein per serving, vs the 23 grams found in IsaLean. Most people just look at protein content, which I think is really dangerous. Below I’ve highlighted some of the other key ingredients.

Compared side-by-side to IsaLean, there is a lot to like. While IsaLean doesn’t have a ton of extra sodium, Nature’s Bounty comes in with 15mg less at only 100mg. Sodium is a very cheap flavoring filler and most of us already get more than enough sodium in our daily diets anyway. Sugar is another enemy of high-quality protein supplements. It might taste good to have sugar with your protein, but it really IS counterproductive.

Isalean has a whopping 16 grams of sugar per serving! Nature’s Bounty only has 2 grams. Looking at Carbs and Calories, Isagenix IsaLean has 240 calories per serving from 27 carbs. That’s a lot of extra “fluff” if you are trying to lose weight. Nature’s Bounty comes in at 110 calories and 10 carbs, respectively. Finally, Nature’s Bounty offers a bit more fiber with 6 grams (vs 4 grams in IsaLean).

Overall, Nature’s Bounty gives you everything you need. It’s a great source of fiber, protein, Vitamins B, C, and probiotics. You might be tempted by all the extra “superfood” ingredients in Isagenix, but I’ve found that a lot of these are placebos and/or based on shaky science with hyped marketing.

Nature’s Bounty vs Isagenix: Most importantly, at about $15 per container (13 servings), Nature’s Bounty costs about $1.15 per serving versus $3.71 for Isagenix. Nature’s Bounty is about 1/3rd of the cost. You can find it (For the latest prices and discounts, check here).

Tera’s Whey Organic Protein

I recently stumbled on Tera’s Whey by accident. One of the women I was training asked me my opinion about it and I honestly had never heard of it before. This prompted me to do some research, and I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

First, Tera’s Whey is a USDA certified organic product that uses only milk from grass-fed cows. This is a nice bonus for me, as I always have a preference for organic over generic (especially with all the hormones in milk these days).

I really liked this protein supplement because it came close to matching IsaLean’s protein content. It fell 2 grams short, but 21 grams overall was good enough for me. Again, it’s the other ingredients that will kill you.

Speaking of which, Tera’s Whey only had 50mg of sodium (best in class) and 4 grams of sugar. These are both far better than Isagenix (115mg and 16g). Like Nature’s Bounty, Tera’s Whey came in at 110 calories, more than cutting in half IsaLean’s calorie count.

Tera’s Whey vs Isagenix: The only drawback I could find was that Tera’s Whey is not a significant source of fiber. That’s okay by me because I can take a separate fiber supplement if needed. Looking at the price analysis, Tera’s Whey was more expensive than Nature’s Bounty per serving, but still much less than Isagenix IsaLean. You’ll spend about $2.33 per serving, compared to $3.71 for IsaLean. (For the latest prices and discounts, check here).

Vega One Nutritional Shake

Vega One is one of the more popular plant-based supplement shakes out there. If you don’t want to do whey, this is a great alternative. It also has a lot of the other (and more useful) vitamins and minerals that Isagenix advertises. You might have already heard of Vega One or seen it on shelves. It has a strong track record and has been one of my go-to supplements for the past few years.

Vega One comes close to matching IsaLean at 20 grams of protein per serving. It also provides more fiber (6 grams), less saturated fat (0.5g), and the least sugar (<1g) and sodium (30mg) of any supplement I’ve seen.

You also won’t be packing on extra calories, with only 160 per serving and 10 carbs. You’ll also get 6 servings of greens (broccoli, spirulina, kale, chlorella, etc..), 50% of your daily vitamin intake, omega-3’s, antioxidants, and the equivalent of 1 cup of yogurt’s probiotics.

Vega One vs Isagenix: Overall, Vega One represents an additional up-front cost investment when compared with the IsaLean shake container alone. However, Vega One’s “large tubs” contain approximately 20 servings, which is more than IsaLean’s 14 servings. Your cost per serving with Vega One will come out to $2.67 vs $3.71 for IsaLean. You can save some additional money (For the latest prices and discounts, check here).

Isagenix Comparison Chart: Isagenix Substitutes Compared

Just to review the data, I’ve compiled a table below that highlights the key ingredients for a quick “at a glance” comparison. As you can see, the above table helps illustrate that there are definitely choices to be made depending on your goal.

Vega One is a good option if you are looking for a complete “meal replacement” like IsaLean, but be wary of these “meal replacements” which aren’t all that different from “protein supplements” (except a lot more expensive).

IsaLean AlternativePriceCaloriesProteinSaturated FatSodiumFiberCarbsSugars
Isagenix IsaLean Shake (14 Servings)
Click here for latest24023g1g115mg4g27g16g
Nature's Bounty (13 servings)Click here for latest11015g1g100mg6g10g2g
Tera's Whey (12 Servings)Click here for latest11021g1g50mg0g4g4g
Vega One (17 Servings) (EDITOR'S CHOICE)Click here for latest15020g1g250mg4g10g<1g

Don’t listen to distributors who tell you that their supplement is the ONLY or BEST option. Try a few different ones out and see how you feel! 

Advocare vs Isagenix

The “other” big MLM out there is Advocare. To be honest, I do not like this one as an alternative either. As I noted in my comparison vs Herbalife, Advocare still contains soy, has high sugar (12 grams per serving), contains sucralose, and is HIGHER in both carbs and calories. You might get a bit more protein, but it’s NOT worth it in my opinion. In fact, I would rather take Isagenix versus Advocare here.

Slimfast vs Isagenix

I’ve received some reader questions about how Slimfast compares to Isagenix… In short, they are very comparable in terms of the programmatic approach to dieting. I still think most people are better off substituting with one my recommendations above.

That said, Slimfast IS generally a cheaper alternative. It’s also easily available at most supermarkets and drug stores.

GNC Lean Shake vs Isagenix

Another one I’ve been asked about is Lean Shake by GNC. Personally, I think it’s a MUCH better value for the money, but still not the same quality as something like Vega One, Garden of Life, Tera’s Whey, or Orgain. That said, I AM a bit biased towards Non GMO / Organic supplements (especially because they are not regulated in the same way by the FDA as food).

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130 thoughts on “3 Best Isagenix Alternatives for 2019 – My Cheaper Isagenix Substitutes”

  1. Thank you SO much for the info!! I like to use my Vitamix in the morning to make green smoothies and I find that adding a shake powder that has protein and fiber in it keeps me fuller longer! I’ve been using the vanilla Isalean shake mix that a friend sells me at her cost which is around $40 a tub (14 servings). I usually only use half the amount (one scoop instead of 2) but it is still SO stinking expensive!!! I also thought it had way too many calories and sugar! I’m looking forward to trying one your recommendations and I appreciate how thorough and complete you were in providing info on alternatives to Isalean. =D

    • Thanks for commenting, Linda. I completely get it. The expense is really to service the marketing program behind it. I just don’t think it’s fair for people to get “sold” on being healthy at such a high cost (both financially and in terms of the high caloric and sugar content).

      • All company’s have have a marketing program built into the cost of their products, whether it’s network marketing or retail. If not how could they be profitable and continue to produce and distribute the products? It’s not free. Generally with products produced my Network Marketing companies skip all the middle men in traditional distribution. Those profits are passed onto PEOPLE instead of stores or advertising companies.

        • Ryan – I totally get that people need to make money. MLM isn’t a new concept. There is plenty of research out there exposing it as a “gray area”. They spend their money indoctrinating distributors who then cold call their neighbors incessantly. Think about it. A product gets released on Amazon and gets hundreds of reviews from users that are PUBLICLY displayed and debated. A product gets introduced to MLM audiences and criticism is discouraged and “distributors” put their personal relationships behind a product they have little independent knowledge about (because it’s discouraged). The profits are passed UP, not DOWN.

  2. Hi!! Great information! I am in LOVE with isagenix but I get the whole program in turn easily spend so much money each month! Thank you so much for the subsitutes for the shakes that i have fell so hard for and a decent price. I am trying the natures bounty first 🙂

      • Isagenix shakes are meal replacement. The ones you mention, are they? Or do we need to consider the extra calories of the meals that isa replaces?

        • Hi Shannon – Vega One is a “meal replacement”. I’d caution against reading to much into the label, it’s largely a marketing tactic. Any protein supplement can become a “meal replacement” if you consume it as one (or mix it with other ingredients).

          • Based on this article, my wife and I switched from Isagenix to Nature’s Bounty. The problem we’re having is that Nature’s Bounty has 1/2 the calories, 1/3 the carbs, 1/8 the sugar, and only 2/3 the protein of Isagenix.

            That’s not maintainable as a meal replacement! I’m starving 90 minutes after drinking the shake! So then you have to supplement with other food, which increases the cost and hassle. You could double or triple the amount you eat per meal, but then the cost is comparable.

          • Why not try adding some low-cost but healthy additions to your protein shakes? Try almond milk, avocado, organic coconut oil, a banana…? You can easily add in some extra (healthier) carbs and calories to keep you full for a much lower cost than an Isagenix shake. Healthy fats will keep you full longer too, so you’ll be fine for longer. Thanks!

          • Dave, I agree. Nature’s Bounty is more of a supplement. You can do smoothies and blend other fruits/veggies to get a better meal replacement effect. Also, I’d test out some of the other alternatives I mentioned. Vega One, Orgain, Garden of Life, etc… might leave you more full.

  3. Great comparison! I think your article just made up my mind not to re-order. I was using Brad Kings Ultimate Whey Powder which I really like. The contents is healthier and only 90 calories! It has 20 gm protein, 1g carb, 80g sodium and 0g sugar!! There is 30 servings for about $56. I was looking for a weight loss boost and thought the strictness would help. I think it has helped me think less about food and I think I can do something similar with products I was using already. I still have almost 2 weeks to finish my 30 day cleanse. I’m not a fan of the cleanse days and don’t like the ionix supreme( yuck!)

    Thanks again!!

    • Kristine,
      Thanks for the comment. I think you have the analysis part down pat. It’s easy to fall victim to the marketing. Every supplement tries – at least in some way – to sell you a lifestyle or aspiration. It really helps to take an analytic approach and just line up the nutrition facts side by side (and the ingredients list!).

  4. This information and the details are so very helpful. I was looking at the Isagenix product and all of the gazillions of success stories/photos on facebook and knew there had to be some other alternatives to the over priced MLM product. THese appear to be excellent products!

    Thank you for taking the time to share this with us!

      • I had been buying Isagenix for a few months. I quit immediately when one of the high sellers/leader was bashed by a photo of an overweight woman in a motorized scooter buying junk food. The Isagenix person said she didn’t mean it, but had time to take a photo, make negative comments, discuss her poor food choices, blame that on why she was in a scooter, and post that photo for everyone to see. I believe it was wrong on all levels, however other Isagenix people made excuses so that was enough for me to stop buying their products. We never know someone’s situation, so there is no point in making ugly comments! Thank you.

    • Hi Teresa,

      Not a big fan of IdealShape, from what I’ve read about it. But I haven’t tested it yet (I’ll add it to the list). It has soy protein which I’m not all that happy about. It’s a soy/whey blend which means its not a vegan supplement. I try to stick to plant based proteins (excluding soy), because we already have so much dairy (and soy) in our diets anyway. Quest looks a bit better because it does not have soy, but I’ll need to do a full test myself. I’ve got this both on my list to review. At a glance, these two probably wouldn’t be my first choices for alternatives.

      • Hi ,
        I was reading the ingredients on the Nature’s Bounty and it states : Other Ingredients: Proprietary Protein Blend (Soy Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate), Cocoa (Processed with Alkali), Inulin, Oat Fiber, Fructose, Natural Flavors, Maltodextrin, Soy Lecithin, Tricalcium Phosphate, Xanthan Gum. Contains Milk and Soy Ingredients.
        I’m trying to stay away from Soy myself so am just wondering… .thanks.

    • To be honest, any of them! It really comes down to what your diet is. A lot of people make the mistake of just “supplementing” with shakes, but you really need to try and replace meals (breakfast for example) to notice results. In general, you want something high in protein and low in carbs, but you also need to know what your body needs. Starving yourself just to break down and binge is very helpful.

  5. Thank you for your research, it was really helpful. I was looking for info about Isagenix because 2 friends have had great results. I think part of their success is due to a holistic approach including support and roadmap for meals.

    • Thanks for the comment, Gina. The support and roadmap are undeniably helpful, but it also is worth doing some research to find support and meal plans from sources who aren’t tied to a specific product. The best support/coaching and the best supplements aren’t necessarily contingent on each other.

  6. These aren’t really comparisons of similar products. I am using Isa now but looking for alternatives. I can’t drink the kool-aid and I really don’t like MLM products. I like the IsaLean and IsaLean Pro shakes for flavor and the protein quantities you get. The other products you list are just protein supplements not meal replacements (maybe the vega one which i’ve tried and its terrible tasting, stevia…) I know you’re better off just eating healthy food but I’m not going to lie I like the convience of the the shakes. I’m up at 5am to go to the gym before work.

    • Hey Jerry,
      I hear ya. There is no true “meal replacement”, in my opinion. The best thing about a meal replacement vs protein supplement is that after consuming a meal replacement you convince yourself that you replaced a meal. They are ALL just supplements. The only difference is marketing. If you spend enough time reading ingredient lists and testing products like I have, this becomes quite clear.

    • I’m with you, Jerry. I’m three months into Isa, and I like it, but I don’t know what all the expensive supplements DO, beyond what they ‘claim’ they DO (and I haven’t felt them ‘doing’ anything, frankly), especially since there have been zero independent studies done. “Kool-Aid”: you hit the nail on the head. There’s far, far too much hype and rah-rah about the products. I can’t take all the caps and exclamation points in the Facebook posts anymore. It reminds me far too much of a certain cosmetic company that’s also rather cultish. Ew. I’m looking for healthy alternatives; I can be a better steward of my money. Thanks much, Owen!

  7. Done Isagenix for a few months. Did Raw (the brand) protein meals also. You are comparing 3 protein supplements with 1 total meal replacement. (Arguably, the Vega One could be a meal replacement.).

    I would never be able to use a 100 calories as a meal.

    Have you compared it to other true meal replacement options?

    • Hi Dwayne,

      I get your point about calories, but I don’t think it’s relevant. Calories are easy to add. You can make a smoothie or even just add a banana if you are looking for calories. Or, add an extra scoop/serving of powder.

      The distinction between a protein supplement and a meal replacement is more often then not, just semantics. What really separates these supplements (more so than calorie count), is marketing.

  8. Interesting article but sorry to say it’s not all true. First off I’m an isagenix user and I have no interest in selling or pushing the product on anyone, nor is it required that I must. Second the prices you’re quoting are off- one canister is $39.95 which is $2.85 a meal. Second the taste and texture is very good and so filling I forget to eat and have a very hard time eating my required calories for the day. Thirdly I have been on more than my share of diets and shake diets and this is the only one that not only helps you to lose weight but it helps you to feel better physically and mentally. With exercise you lose weight but some how you also tone up more than you would with any other diet. All I have to say is you get what you pay for and when it comes to your health I wouldn’t skimp and be cheap

    • Hi Barbara,
      I appreciate the comment. I’m glad it’s working for you. I in no way intend to take away from that. I’ve seen a variety of prices, depending on what kind of “loyalty” discounts you qualify for.

      Taste and texture are subjective, I can only report my experience having tasted and tested many protein supplements over the years.

      To your third point, unfortunately in the supplement industry “you get what you pay for” is not a true statement. Unlike other industries (for example physical consumer goods), judging quality is a lot harder. Most major brands – especially MLM (multi level marketing) companies – are less than transparent. FDA standards are also not as stringent in some cases, allowing for ingredients, chemical processes (read up on Aluminia in Arbonne), and sourcing origins to be masked over.

      The industry is not transparent. Period. That’s partly why I created this blog. Again, I’ve found the axiom “you get what you pay for” to be false in many high profile cases (read my reviews of Shakeology). What you get when you buy from MLM companies is mostly hot air i.e. marketing, PR, and pyramid-like profit schemes. I’m not saying that Arbonne is the worst supplement on the market, but I am looking carefully at ingredients and contextual factors to try and figure out something closer to the truth.

  9. Hi and thanks for the great article. I have been using Isagenix for over a year now. I love the shakes for breakfast but I am having trouble justifying the cost. The only concern I have with Nature’s Bounty is that it contains soy products – soy protein isolate & soy lecithin. Aren’t these products proven harmful?

    • Hey Nicole,

      Thanks for the comment. To answer your question, yes and no. Soy is generally been proven to be more of a concern for men; however, I try to stay away from it because our food supply has become so dependent on soy/corn/wheat that I’d rather not be supplementing with it. The reason I recommended it was primarily as a simple, cost effective alternative. It’s a complete protein supplement without “fillers” that is a fraction of the cost of Shakeology. If soy is a concern, I’d look at Vega One, Garden of Life, Sun Warrior, or Tera’s Organic Whey. These are all brands I’ve researched heavily, tried, and loved.

  10. Thank you for the information. Cost is a definite factor. I will be trying natures bounty. Now what about the cleanse portion how do you do that and what can you use?

    • I’m currently using Isagenix. It is costly and doing some research I’ve found alternatives in with Amazing Grass for the greens and fruits and for cleanse I found a nature night cleanse similar the one isagenix use. Mega food has a daily energy and country farms has a super cleanse that can be broken down to replace Isagenix cleanse day drink. To keep the shake down I use one scoop of Isagenix with a serving of either Tera’s whey or nature’s bounty because I like the thick shakes.

  11. Great advice. What can you recommend as an alternative to Isagenix Ionic Supreme? Thanks. Friends have really been trying to get me to try Isagenix but the price and MLM idea stops me. I just want to be healthy and make my own choices without feeling like I’m “owned” by a company or philosophy☺

    • Hi Leonore,

      Thanks for the comment! I’d recommend a superfood supplement as a replacement for Ionic Supreme. I personally like Amazing Grass Greens (and Berry), but there are a lot of good options out there.

  12. Owen, thank you for the comparison and recommendations. I am going to try Vega One. I like that is has 20g of protein and 6 servings of greens. I know I don’t get enough greens currently. I have been doing isagenix for a couple of months but want to try this and see if I get better results. Thanks

  13. I understand what you are trying to do here, but I think I should clear some things up.

    First, you are demonizing MLM business models. There is no pyramid. Do you work at a company with a President, CEO, or owner? THAT my friend, is the pyramid. All the people at the bottom bust their butts so the people closest to the top can make more, and those people at the top have NO desire to having you earn what they earn, as it jeopardizes their position. Somehow, we are all ok with this.

    Secondly, there are no ‘loyalty’ prices with Isagenix. There is the retail price (for non disteibutors) and the wholesale price. There is a reduction in price (small) for associates signed up on autoship, which makes good business sense from a company standpoint, and nobody can fault them for that.

    This company seeks our the best ingredients in the world for each of their products, and the best processing fee methods. Isagenix had the opportunity to distribute in the EU (a very difficult accomplishment) on the condition that they used European whey. They said no. They said no to cheaper whey and what would have amounted to a bullion dollars a year in business because they were unwilling to compromise on the quality of their products.

    I’m not questioning your experience or credentials, but you are comparing apples to oranges here. Isagenix is indeed a meal replacement. The carbs, fats and proteins have been properly balanced. Look at the RDI of micros and macros and you’ll realize that the long list of ingredients is there to provide nutrition, not to look good on a label.

    I have NEVER had anyone say to me (or heard of anyone saying) that the price of a shake (about $3.25) is cheaper than a heart attack. What is often said is that a shake is cheaper than a fast food meal (usually considerably cheaper) with FAR superior nutritional value.

    Isagenix offers a full 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. They want you to actually eat their stuff for an entire month, and if you aren’t impressed or simply don’t like it, you get a full refund. I wonder how many of these protein supplements you listed can make the same claim?

    • Hi Jody,

      Thanks for commenting. It sounds like you may be a distributor yourself. I’ll address your points in order.

      1) I’m not “demonizing” anyone, just trying to provide a layer of transparency that is severely lacking. Other people have already demonized MLM far more than I have. In Roman philosophy there is a latin saying “Cui Bono” which means “to whose benefit”. I try and keep this in mind when listening to people talk about supplements. This is the same reason I don’t trust my Ford car dealer to be the expert on what the best cars are. I try to look for independent research on my own. That’s what I’m doing here. I also get your point about corporate America being a pyramid scheme. I also know that’s what most MLM companies tell their distributors as a way to justify it. I personally work as a freelance trainer and run this website and don’t really have a boss, besides my clients and my readers.

      2) You seem to have a good knowledge of their pricing. Despite what it’s called, their seems to be a variety of different prices for different people, depending on how far you are into their ecosystem (not one flat price for everyone).

      3) Every company says they have the “best” processes and ingredients. I’ve yet to hear a company talk about their mediocre benefits relative to their peers. It sounds like you are repeating a lot of company marketing copy. Unless I have full transparency or use the product myself and test it, I can’t really verify what you are telling me.

      4) Shakeology uses the same tactics when confronted on price. They say it’s more affordable than a Big Mac. That’s a bit of a red herring argument. So is this nonsense about a “heart attack”. That’s a blatant scare tactic! I’m not comparing Isagenix to a Big Mac! Or to a heart attack! Are those my only alternatives? I’m comparing supplements, all designed to make you healthier.

      5) To quote Tommy Boy (the movie), I can take a doodoo in a box and mark it guaranteed, that doesn’t make it the best product. The point is, most people don’t take advantage of 30 day guarantees. That’s why sometimes bad companies still offer guarantees.

      Thanks for posting, I’m glad I could rebut some of these points. I do hear them a lot…

    • I am starting my 3rd month with Isagenix shakes and i absolutely love them!The taste, how full they make me and that i am not thinking about eating junk all of the time. I have lost a good bit of weight also about 13 lbs. So i am pretty excited about them. I think the calorie content is good. I add a 1/2 a banana most days to the morning shake. Anyway, i am pleased with them. I really feel that the people i have signed up with care about you and want you to see amazing results when looking for weight loss and overall health. It’s a great company!

  14. I’m in this same boat, and want “better for you” for LESS money. Are you able to comment on and give a side-by-side of the Ionix Supreme product and Cleanse for Life for the 2-day, 2-3 max per month “cleanse days”? There’s also those “chocolate chalkies” called Snacks made by Isagenix (which if you like popping chocolate Tums aren’t terrible)… Thanks for your input.

  15. I’m wrapping up my first month with Isagenix, and it has worked really well for me to replace two meals a day with shakes, and essentially eat lean protein and veggies all other times. I’m not doing the fast days because I feel awful doing it and because I assume that those “bonus” lbs would be the first ones to re-appear as soon as I end this month which is not my objective. I’m not trying to prove how many pounds I can loose in a month, I’m trying to re-adjust my thinking about portion sizes and hunger and ween myself off of the crappy stuff. SO. My question is–you didn’t talk about your impression of flavor. I’m more than happy to move away from Isa products, but I like that I actually like these (probably because of all that fructose!). With the options that you presented, are these powders that I would have to add to something to mask their flavor, or did you find that you can drink them as stand-alones? Thank you so much for the thoughtful post, this is really helpful!

    • I find all three to have a pretty good flavor overall. It’s all about preference! I would try a few samples (I think Vega One has samples on Amazon) to see for yourself. Tera’s Whey has a nice blueberry flavor that tastes great, but it is dairy based.

  16. Thank you so much for your research! I, too, fell in love with Isagenix, but the cost is ridiculous. I must say, I DO love the cleanse. I am going to substitute my IsaLean with Nature’s Bounty, but what would you suggest as a more wallet-friendly version of Cleanse For Life? I saw in one of your responses that you used Super Colon Cleanse, right?

  17. Hi! Thank-you so much for your helpful information! Iv been using isagenix for 3 months now and iv had out-standing results but, the cost of the products is killing me! For 3 months now i’v been having a shake for breakfast a shake for lunch w snacks in-between and for dinner a 400/600 calorie meal. My question for you is say i switch from isa lean shakes to the Vega protien you listed above will my body stay pretty much the same if I continue to have a shake for breakfast lunch w eating a 400/600 calorie dinner? Basically will there be a big change if I switch to using Vega because of cost? Isagenix is great but its costing way to much each month and I just can’t keep up. Please help!

    • Hi Lauren,
      Thanks for sharing. This is the #1 premise of my criticism of the big MLM distributors….they are OVERPRICED. And there is really no way to explain it away with “studies” paid for by the same companies.

      With regards to your situation, I think it’s worth a shot to try changing it up. Try it for a few weeks and see how you feel. LISTEN to your body! The quality of ingredients in Vega One are similar or better (and not chemically modified).

  18. Thank you so much for this. I am.currently doing Isagenix 30 day cleanse. My sister sells it and did so good on it I had to try it and um glad I did. I’m loosing so much weight I’m surprused. However, after the 30 day I was planning on doing 1 meal replacement with the Isa lean shakes along with my low carb diet. That would cost me $100 a month in shakes. That’s a lot of money. I’m definitely going to try the Nature’s Bounty shakes instead! !!

  19. Appreciate this great info. I as well fell for the Isa hype and it really hit my budget hard. Can’t wait to try some of the above recommendations. V is also sold at Costco.com, going to check the store tomorrow.

  20. Thank you so much for doing this. I’m almost done with my first month of isa and I feel great and have lost 15lbs but I was just on the website looking to order more and the prices are scaring me. I noticed the more I put in my cart the more discounted the prices would be (only by a few dollars). My sister is a vegan and loves vega, she doesn’t use it as a meal replaement just as a morning pick me up. I honestly just can’t afford to spend $300 a month plus on shakes. I’m going to try some of your suggestions.

    • Hey Sandi, I know the feeling! Vega has a few different lines of supplements. Vega Sport is more of a straight protein supplement while Vega One is a total meal replacement. I’d recommend going with this and trying it out.

  21. I just came across your article and found it very interesting. I am wondering if you have heard of Orgain brand Organic Protein Plant Based powder. I have been using a scoop in the morning with my smoothie. I like the taste and that it is USDA organic. I am wondering if you know any more info on it and what your thoughts are?

  22. Thanx so much for this amazing article & breakdown. Very useful! I actually had my eye on the nutiva organic hemp protein it seems like a good option & good price. Wondering what your take is on it before I purchase it?

    • Love Nutiva Hemp, Anna! It’s a bit of an acquired taste. Some people don’t like hemp, but it’s an excellent alternative plant based supplement. I’d recommend experimenting with some different shake mixtures, to get the right taste. It definitely does NOT have a lot of “fillers” and artificial “mystery” ingredients.

  23. My girlfriend has been extremely successful with the Isogentics program and keeps trying to talk me into using the product. She says it’s all about being healthy and blah blah blah. I think it’s a horrible way to lose weight, and if it was the big cure all, it would be recommended by doctors and constantly on tv!!! (Like viagra). I am going to try the super colon cleanse you recommended and do weight watchers. Thanks for all your info!!!

  24. Thank you for the informative article. I have completed the 30 day cleanse using Isagenix products. Didn’t do the starve yourself for 2 days in a row as I had many days of feeling unwell, lightheaded etc. (which I’m sure I would be told that’s the reason that I didn’t lose a ton of weight) For the cost and constant hunger I cannot say I have had outstanding results. The whole rah rah mentality makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s awesome that people are changing their lives but some of them are over the top. Other than feeling like I’m starving most of the the time, I have not experienced the extra boost of energy that some people talk about. I understand that if you start losing weight you begin to have a euphoric feeling ….. like I can take on the world. But is it sustainable? I will definitely look at the products you have reviewed to use as a meal replacement for one meal a day.

  25. I’m so glad to have come across your site – amazing information. You nailed it. My question for you is – have you tried About Time protein powder and how.dos it compare to isagenix. I also am sold on the hype of isagenix and their products but I know there has GOT to be an alternative. Do you have a comparison chart of the alternatives for their products, such as ionix, cleanse etc. I’m also SUPER interested to M of your thoughts on about time. ..I’ve not been able to find any comparison anywhere.

    • Yes I’m also interested in what would be good alternatives to isagenix cleanse product and ionic products . I asked in my question but Owen never answered that part . Isagenix has cleanse days using these products and chewing on God awful wafers that taste like shit. No food on these days just 3 products above all day and apple slices if your hungry . What are your thoughts on doing cleanse days Owen ? And your thoughts on alt. Products to use instead of isagenix cleanse day products ??

  26. Hi! Thanks for this great read. I’ve used Isagenix before and saw some great results but I’ve also heard some sketchy things about the ingredients and was hoping for some information about a more natural alternative that might be more affordable. I think I will try the Vega One as per your suggestion. This was super helpful, so thank you!

  27. Thanks for info , have been considering isagenix but I do see the marketing factor and push to become a rep . I also see major price differences between being a rep or auto ship or not.I’ve had issues in the past with dairy , soy ,whey and any stimulates .
    I also see how any good product could give you results following replacing 2 meals or doing cleanse days . It’s about reducing calories and feeding your body’s nutrients at same time to rebuild and cleanse.
    With that being said do you have recommendations for product that is soy and whey free ? Also what’s products would you use to replace isa cleanse days . Would you just drink shakes take colon cleanse and eat apples on a cleanse day? What do you recommend?

  28. Owen,
    Thank you so much for all your research and willingness to share for free. Just finishing 30 days on Isagenix. I am looking forward to switching to Vega One! Do you have a blog or are you starting one? I thought I read something about that in the comments above.

    Thanks again!!

  29. I am breastfeeding and am trying to get back into exercising. My husband started Isagenix, and said he’s felt a difference after 3 days, which yay for him, but I did my own research and am not liking what I’m reading. Plus the price per month! I’d like something way more affordable, completely organic, free from GMOs, high sugars, fillers, and etc. Something I can have for breakfast, maybe lunch to help drop a couple pounds while still taking in my nutritional needs!

  30. Hi Owen!

    I want to find a cheaper alternative and the ones you mentioned seem great, but I love getting a ton of the b6 and b12 and all the other vitamins and nutrients, but there really doesn’t seem to be the same amount of vitamins and nutrients in any of the other brands. Am I just missing something on the label? Which one has the most vitamins and nutrients? If I go with nature’s bounty as my meal replacement, will the 16g of protein keep me going?

    • Hi Becky, I’d recommend supplementing separately with B vitamins if you feel like you’ll be missing out. Also, check out Garden of Life and Vega One for some non-MLM alternatives with plenty of additional nutrients.

  31. Is there a huge taste difference for the Vega One product with the lower amount of sugar vs. the IsaLean shakes?

    • To me, Vega One tastes healthier and less like a milk shake. I would caution against making these decisions purely on taste alone. Once you get used to eating healthy, sweet tasting supplements don’t have the same allure.

  32. Wow, enjoyed reading the honest discussion here. (stumbled across here when researching Iso, thanks google!) I’m about to try Isogenix but still trying to decide how much I want to “Jump in”. I’m the type who needs a company to make it easy for me (I get anxious just walking into a GNC), but it’s been helpful to read about some options to sub in different components. Once I get to a maintenance level I will feel more confident to explore many of your suggestions. If i try to take on too much at first trying to educate myself on a gazillions things I’ll get intimidated and go back to my afternoon vending machine dates.
    Thanks and look forward to reading more of your site!

  33. This info really helped! I was just about to place my second order with Isagenix and I was cringing at the prices! Do you know of anything that I could get to replace their “ionix” or the “cleanse for life” drink? Do you even recommend “cleansing” 2 days in a row? Thanks so much!

    • Michelle – There’s definitely something to cleansing (or at least cutting out meat, dairy and gluten), but there is also a lot of myth. The whole “ionix” pitch is just marketing fluff. Check out some of the best selling colon cleanses on Amazon or look into green juicing. It really depends on your definition of cleanse. Green juicing? I do it every day (time permitting). Starving myself and drinking mysterious magical liquid? I never do that.

  34. I just got my 2nd box of IsaGenix just starting my second month. I have a lot of weight to lose like 90 lbs. I lost 17 lbs my first month so I like what it is doing for me. BUT I spent $720 already. I can’t afford this. I am going to try Vega and colon cleanse. What is the brand name for the colon cleanse? I also am interested in knowing other alternatives for the Ionix Supreme and the Natural Accelerator. Thank you so much for sharing. IsaGenix is good if you are rich and have the extra money to spend. Many people do not have that luxury.

  35. Hi Owen,
    I’ve drank both Vega One and Isagenix and find both very comparable, I like the Isagenix dairy free shake better than the Vega One and the Vanilla Chai Vega One shake better than the Isagenix. I have a GMO, Soy and slight Dairy allergy and like the fact that Isagenix has bars, snacks, soups etc that are not only (allergy free for me) but healthy as well as convenient. Yes they are a bit pricey but so is Whole Foods where they have NO GMO’s. I have been using some of Isagenix products containing dairy and my dairy allergy is slowly subsiding as it did in the past before the GMOs invaded so much of our food. Vega One isn’t cheap either and neither are the protein bars I can eat that don’t have any of my allergens. Isagenix ends up being less expensive because t’s in bulk, it also tastes good, some products out there just don’t and why buy it if your not going to use it. Thanks for the comparisons though I now know I’ve made the right choices for me. Isagenix and Vega One.
    Thanks again, Nerita
    PS I have found that when I am on Isagenix I don’t have cravings like when I’m not on it.

    • Hi Nerita,

      It’s great you’ve found what works for you. In the end, that’s what I created this site for, to help people make better choices when it comes to their health and their wallets. Not everyone can shell out the kind of money these MLM programs demand, but still require a decent option. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

  36. Thank you for your informative, non-biased, intelligent comments. I just lost a friend that I have had for years because I couldnt stand her annoying and phony isa posts on FB along with inspirational quotes and other garbage that comes along with selling the kool-aid. Luckily I am smart enough not to drink it! Thank you for posting alternatives too.

  37. Hi Owen just read your thread and thanks for your extensive research very helpful indeed I am from Australia and will check and see if hopefully any of these are distributed here my question to you is Isa also do a protein meal replacement bar and since i am travelling to the UK on Monday i am struggling with added weight in my suitcase so hoping i could find a good one they sell over there (and here too) Or if not what do i look at when researching them thanks for your time.

    • Thanks, Jamie. I’ll a little behind on responding to my comments, but I will get to it soon. Really appreciate your questions!

  38. I have looked a the alternatives you posted and for most I can see where they would work. I got dealt the allergy card in the gene pool game. Fish or fish by products (yes even Omega 3s) and artificial sweeteners other than Steevia are a real problem and almost all diet shakes contain one or both, apparently so do the alternatives.

    I cannot afford the next round of Isagenix so the search is on for an alternative with this formula needed and soon. I liked their product because it worked even without sticking to it religiously and no allergies. If you have found anything that is close without the things mentioned above would you please let me know, even a private emaile would be great, getting to the end of the jugs and need an alternate fast

  39. Thank You! I have been using Isa for just under a year. Way too expensive.
    Your recommendations have been very helpful. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  40. Thanks for this review. I’ve got both Tera’s and Nature’s Bounty in my Amazon cart for sampling.

    I’ve done well on the strict 30 but it’s so expensive!

  41. Hello! This is a bit of an old post but I’m hoping to hear back. I had the Isalean chocolate shakes and loved them. I thought the taste was great and really enjoyed having them for breakfast every morning (I didn’t do the program, just wound up with the protein from a friend who stopped doing it so I used it as my morning meal). I didn’t want to pay that much for another case of protein powder so I found this website.

    After looking at it, I tried Vega one because of the lower price. However, it tastes awful. I had one on the way to work and could barely stomach it. Haven’t touched it since and I hate wasting things (I’ll try cutting it with other things or using it for protein balls or something, but I can’t drink it). It tastes like it’s half protein powder, half stevia extract. I mean way, way, way too much artificial sweetener.

    Any advice on one that tastes more like Isalean, or at least doesn’t taste like pure sweetener? Thank you!! Would hate to keep wasting money on trying new ones.

    • Hi Chelsea,

      Thanks for your comment. I agree that Vega One can be a little on the sweet side for some people. I just want to point out that the stevia in Vega One is a natural sweetener, not an artificial one. Having said that, adding a fresh squeeze of lemon juice as well as blending in some berries that are more on the tart side (cranberries, raspberries, etc.) can help cut that sweetness. Depending on the flavor of Vega One you have, adding some matcha green tea powder can also help tone down the sweetness. You could also blend in some ice as it will help “water” down the sweetness and also numb your tongue a bit so it won’t taste the stevia as much. Good luck!

  42. Thank you for the information. I use isagenix and am looking for healthy replacements to the expensive products. I rely on the isalean meal replacement bars when I travel. What would you recommend a s a replacement snack bar? Thank you for the information on the shake replacements. I will try Vega One. Thanks again for the great information.

    • Hi Lora,

      Thanks for your question! I really like Quest bars. They come in a large variety of flavors and are high in protein and fiber. If you’re looking to replace just a snack (as opposed to a meal) you can stick to having just half the bar.

  43. hi; great info; have been using isagenix for approx. 2 months and going to give vega on a try; I do take a isagenix bar in the afternoon called isalean bar; would you have any suggestions to replace that.

    thank you and get info again

  44. Thanks for the advice! I’ve been looking for a more cost efficient alternative to Isagenix. What is your advice for protien bars? I like to throw one in my lunch bag for afternoon snack. There’s just too many choices in the store and its all very confusing!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for your question! I love the convenience of protein bars but it’s important to find a good quality one as many of them are just high protein candy bars. The main things to look for are a high protein content, high fiber, and reasonably low sugar. If you’re active, don’t be afraid of a higher fat content; it’ll help keep you full longer. Two bars I like are Quest and FitJoy. Here’s a comparison article: FitJoy vs. Quest Nutrition Bars Enjoy!

  45. I am trying to lose some weight ( currently 240 lbs ). Yeah you can imagine! This is a great article and very well explained. I believe in professionals so this is a very useful article for everyone. Many thanks for your share.

  46. Thank you so much for all of the helpful information. My daughter gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and recently started using Isagenix. She is seeing tremendous results, but she has been spending more than $500 a month. She simply cannot afford to keep using it so we have been looking for less expensive options.

    Of course, Isagenix reps tell her that it will pay for itself if she gets her friends to buy it.

    • Has she tried to do any of the challenges? She can enter up to 4 challenges a year and she doesn’t even have to have results….she just has to complete and at the end, Isagenix will give her $200 to put towards her order. And she doesn’t have to spend $500 a month to be successful with the product, or even meet the required spending amount for the challenges.

  47. I have been drinking the Isa shakes for a few months and actually have been feeling worse! I am not looking to lose weight, I weigh 112 lbs. I was looking for a nutritious protein shake to drink on my 45 minute commute. I have Chronic Lyme and pretty much avoid all sugar to keep my symptoms in check. Drinking 2 shakes a day with added fruit( banana or berries ) to make them more enjoyable I was consuming almostc40 gms of sugar!!!! No wonder my Lyme symptoms returned! Isa shakes have way too much sugar. Sugar is inflammatory!! I am looking into shakes with lower sugar content. Thanks for the comparison!

  48. Hi Owen,

    Sorry in advance for this long comment/question. My husband and I started Isagenix a year ago for weightloss. In the beginning our results were quick and “easy.” After a couple of month’s we found that drinking two shakes a day was just not sustainable for our lifestyle. My husband completely fell off the wagon, but I still try to have a shake for breakfast or lunch so maintain. Last month I started working out from home through Beach Body on Demand. The particular program I chose came with portion control cups and a suggested eating plan. I’m totally fine with this because that’s probably my biggest issue. Of course they suggest Shakeology, but I’ve just supplemented with Isa thus far. I started doing some research to decide which was better and that’s how I found your post.
    My question for you is mainly about the content beyond high protein low sodium/sugar. Let me explain. Since starting the shakes last year I haven’t been sick once and I used to get sick almost every other month. I don’t necessarily use the shakes for weight loss anymore but I do like all the vitamins, minerals, etc. I am getting in my shake because my stomach is so sensitive to taking pills. I also feel like A.) a lot of supplements aren’t absorbed by the body because of their packaging and B.) Our food doesn’t have the same amount of nutritional value it used to so we need supplements. It sounds like VegaOne is the closest to what I am looking for because it more than just a protein shake, but do you know how close it compares on the vitamin/mineral side of things? I tried looking up the nutrition facts online and I’m not finding much. Thank you!

  49. I’m trying to find something similar to Isagenix that is cheaper. I like that it has 240 calories and only needs water added to it – it’s much easier for me to mix on the go with my job so I don’t want to have to add anything else to it to make it a “meal”. These don’t have enough calories for me. Do you know of anything closer to isagenix style, that also tastes good and won’t be lumpy if I only use a shaker? These are all the reasons I loved isagenix (and no I’ve never sold it lol).

  50. Hi Owen,

    Some co-workers are having a lot of success with Isagenix, so it got me thinking about shakes. What do you think about 18 Shake? I actually have Vega One, but never thought of it as meal replacement diet strategy – maybe I will try that. I would be interested in your thoughts of 18 Shake.

    Thank you!

  51. Great information, I was looking for an Isagenix comparable and based on your valid reasoning I settled on trying Vega One. I thought I would do some further research and it seems they have updated their formula to 10X the sodium per serving at 240mg!!! Do you have an updated alternative to recommend?

  52. Thanks for the great information! I like the idea of Isa, but haven’t committed because of the cost. My boyfriend has celiac disease. Are any of these alternatives gluten free? What about the Quest Bars or FitJoy?

  53. Hi,
    I was looking for less expensive Isagenix option (I liked the product, just not the cost); found your comments (mostly from 2015), was about to order Vega One, then saw someones 2018 comment about increased sodium in VO product and your response suggesting Garden For Life, Orgain or Sun Warriors …how do those compare to Natures Bounty or Tera Whey that you previously recommended for meal replacements?

    • I would Say GofL, Orgain, and Sun are more “complete” PLANT based meal replacements while NB and TW are more protein shake supplements (of course, a supplement becomes a “meal replacement” if you throw it in the blender with a few other things!).

  54. I must start with some of your assessments of Isagenix are a little misleading. Yes to the sugar, sodium etc, but what about the source of protein? The quality and source of it alone matter. Where do the other brands in your example source their whey? How is it gleaned? One aspect of Isagenix is that the protein is undenatured. They don’t use heat to filter it like almost EVERY other protein on the market. This allows the body to use it more efficiently because it maintains its natural properties that our bodies can use. When everything is present, the systems work more efficiently. Also, the protein comes from New Zealand so there are no GMO, or anything for that matter bad even in the environment. In the US, I can call something natural, no GMO, etc, but in reality just because the cattle are not directly given those items does not mean they are not exposed to the same thing simply through environmental contact. You cannot get anything in the US that is not in some way exposed to pesticides, GMOs etc. What about the 19 BCAAs per serving or the over 70 vitamins and minerals per serving? Yes it is a little more expensive, but if used as designed, it is a meal replacement, not an additional item. This is why it is such a high content in the ingredients. In my last point, your price is more than $10 per can than the actual price.

    For those with bad experiences, my question are they using the system to include cellular cleansing that it is designed with or just using shakes? Makes a world of difference.

  55. Hi Owen,
    I have been using Isagenix for quite awhile. My biggest complaint is honestly the whey.. it tends to make me bloated for awhile after I drink it and I really don’t like their dairy free shakes. It is not a HUGE deal, so I’ve just dealt with it because I love how I feel later from the nutrients. My daily routine: I put my water in my Vitamix, add 2 scoops of shake, 1 scoop of greens, 1 scoop of fruits, a half of banana, TBL Chia seeds, TBL Flax Oil and 1 1/2 Cups Kale. I drink it up and crave it daily. However, the cost is pretty high. I stumbled across your post and looked up the VegaOne you tout and my biggest concern is the Spirulina (Blue-Green Algae). It has been linked to several neurological disorders (ALS and Alzheimer’s to be exact) and I’d like to try and avoid it. Do you know if there is a VegaOne that does not contain that ingredient? Also, I must ask.. do you get some sort of commission or kick back for promoting the VegaOne?

    • Hi Donielle, Thanks for the comment. Vega One DOES contain Spirulina, so if that’s a concern I would stay away. I haven’t personally investigated the linkage, but will see what evidence I can find… I do receive advertising revenues, including from Vega One and anyone looking for exposure. I’ve personally used Vega One for years (prior to writing publicly about it) and don’t endorse any products I don’t use / trust.

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