Garden of Life Protein Review – Is it a good Vegan Protein?

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Garden of Life raw protein is a popular best-selling brand of vegan protein powder. In this Garden of Life Protein review, we will be looking at whether this is a good vegan protein option. Check below to see the top features and my Pros/Cons list compiled through my own usage tests.

One of the biggest selling points of Garden of Life protien is the “raw” ingredients. While other supplements positions themselves as “low carb” or “low calorie”, raw protein offers a number of unique benefits. The combination of organic sprouted proteins and live probiotics provides health benefits beyond just the protein content.

Because of this, Garden of Life is a more holistic health and wellness supplement. If you are looking for maxing out protein content, this may not be the right fit for you.

The second selling point of Garden of Life is the organic ingredients from A-Z. Mainstream protein supplements are notorious for having hidden additives and less than helpful byproducts. Even some of the so-called “all natural” supplements have hidden problems in the fine print. Garden of Life protein has nothing to hide in the ingredients list which is a welcome change from the norm.

Pros: Things I Like About Garden of Life

Complete Raw Protein: It’s hard to find a quality raw (vegan) protein supplement that hits all the important points. This is one of the best supplements for a raw diet that I have found/tested. If you are practicing a raw diet or are looking to introduce raw concepts to your diet, this is the perfect protein supplement to maintain nutrition and energy levels.

Non-Soy: There is a ton of debate in the nutrition industry about the benefits/side effects of soy. Some say it is perfectly fine to consume regularly, while others cite similar mass food supply issues and negative effects. I personally have not seen the evidence to definitively steer me away from soy, but I’d rather avoid a controversial protein source.

Thankfully, Garden of Life does not contain soy, making it a friendly product for those with soy sensitivies or other concerns about soy.

Superior Protein Blend: One of the main reasons that I use Garden of Life regularly is that they have a pretty unique proprietary blend of protein. With 17 grams of protein in total, it delivers an effective protein punch.

It contains quinoa, garbanzo bean, lentil, chia seed, flax seed, pumpkin seed, seasame seed, amaranth, millet, buckwheet, sunflower seed, and sprouted brown rice. It doubles as a virtual health tonic and all-purpose raw nutrient supplement.

Good for Baking: I like to add a scoop or two to any kind of cookie mix or even brownies. The texture can change slightly, but it helps me feel less guilty about indulging in sweets. Not all protein supplements – especially vegan ones – work well with baking recipes, but Garden of Life does.

Good With Almond Milk: The test of any good vegan supplement usually comes down to how well it mixes with almond milk. Thankfully, both the sweetened and unsweetened varieties provide a slightly sweet and slightly rich flavor and texture, without being overpowering.

Price: You can expect to pay between $26-35 which is better then some leading comparable vegan blends. Overall, you are looking at a cost of around $1 per serving, which is a very good price point for a protein supplement of this quality.

Cons: Things I Didn’t Like

Protein Content Just “Okay”: At 17 grams of protein per serving, Garden of Life is not a bad option, but it also isn’t the highest I’ve seen….even among vegan supplements. I have had success adding a packet of raw protein to my shakes, to up the protein level.

For most people, 17 grams will be enough daily protein per serving, but for high octane workouts you may need an additional supplement. To view some other vegan proteins with high protein content, check out my top 5 here.

A Bit Grainy: If you hand mix (with a spoon) the texture can be a bit grainy. I would recommend using a blender when at all possible.

Where to Buy for the Best Price

Garden of Life can be found in some health food stores and a few of the major supplement chains. However, the most reliable source that I use is simply via this listing. I find that their prices are generally competitive or better than any of the brick and mortar stores near me. Plus, it saves me a trip out in the car. You can check out the latest pricing and deals in the information box below.

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