Best Nutrisystem Plans Compared [2018 Edition]: Find the Best One Here!

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2018)

Nutrisystem is a trustworthy company that specializes in nutrition and weight-loss. Today, I will take a closer look at the types of diet plans they provide because I want to help you make the best possible decision when it comes to gaining a slimmer look, feeling better about yourself, and maintaining your general health.

Below, I have categorized all the company’s plan options based on their purposes.

The Best Nutritional Plans Provided by Nutrisystem

A. Regular Plans

1. Nutrisystem Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is Nutrisystem’s most affordable pricing option. If you choose to follow this plan, you will only have to pay almost $10 per day. I suggest you check the company’s website from time to time because, once in a while, they offer a small discount, even to their most basic nutritional program. I would recommend it to those of you who want to jump-start your weight loss process in a quick and easy way. (You can also take a look at the Best Nutrisystem Alternatives for 2018 here).

The program lasts for 28 days and you will receive plenty of pre-selected as well as ready-to-go meals. Although it is their least expensive plan, there is still an option available for people who suffer from diabetes. On the other hand, don’t expect to find any gourmet frozen meals in the basic program. Also, you must be aware of the fact that, being low-priced, the Nutrisystem Basic plan has a limited number of food options, especially compared to the company’s other alternatives.

Don’t worry, though, because you will still get delicious meals based on most customers’ reviews and opinions. The only problem that might appear is that those selected meals may not all meet your personal taste.

Here’s what you will get if you decide to purchase this program:

  • Almost one whole month of pre-cooked and ready-to-eat tasty meals;
  • Access to both online trackers and other tools;
  • A one-week trial version of the Turbo 13 kit;
  • Every new order benefits from free shipping via FedEx.

2. Nutrisystem Core Plan

The Core plan has several similarities to the basic program. By that, I mean you will still receive ready-to-go foods but there are no frozen entrees included. What makes this second plan different is the fact that you can easily customize it to reach your personal preferences. Unlike the case of the basic plan, the Core program will allow you to choose your own meals. It is created for individuals who want more flexibility during their weight-loss regimen.

There are a lot of food varieties to choose from and another important perk is the price. The Core plan is not significantly more expensive than the Basic one. You will have to pay around $10.64 per day which is not a lot. Again, I recommend you to check their website as often as possible to find out whether they have a current discount or not. Besides the freedom of selecting your own meals, you can also see each meal’s details before you order. The information consists of ingredients, nutritional values, customer reviews, and more.

Furthermore, among some of the customers’ feedback, you will discover useful and practical tips on how to prepare your chosen meals to make them even more delicious (for instance, you could add specific veggies or spices that go best with a certain type of food).

Let’s see exactly what you will get if you subscribe to the Core plan:

  • Three whole weeks of grab-and-go meals;
  • The possibility to choose your preferred foods from a list of over 100 available items;
  • A big plus represented by access to dietitians and counselors. This provides you with a lot more support which comes in handy, especially when facing weight-loss challenges;
  • Access to online apps and tools to help you keep track of your progress;
  • You will also receive the demo version of the Turbo 13 kit;
  • Free shipping with each new order.

3. Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours

Uniquely Yours is Nutrisystem’s high-end eating program. Being a premium plan, you can expect to receive a wider range of perks, options, and advantages, including gourmet meals.

The plan is priced at approximately $12 per day. It is the perfect option for those who want more variety and control in their eating regimen. So, if you need a bit of pampering during your difficult journey of shedding those pounds off, this is the right plan for you.

It comes with all the Core plan’s features but you will also receive some additional things like higher-quality gourmet meals:

  • Three full weeks of ready-to-eat foods. You the possibility to choose from more than 150 food items;
  • An unlimited number of frozen meals;
  • More gourmet fresh and frozen meal options;
  • A higher customization as well as regular counseling;
  • Amazing and tasty treats. There are plenty of desserts, from Red Velvet Whoopie to Chocolate Brownie Sundaes;
  • Access to online trackers and tools;
  • Free shipping and the free kit of the Turbo 13 program.

The fresh-frozen meal choices offered in the Uniquely Yours plan are significantly more attractive compared to other standard pre-cooked foods. I personally like the Chicken Parmesan, Pepperoni Pizza Melt, and Roasted Turkey the most. Being a highly customizable plan, you’re in control of the food you receive.

B. Nutrisystem Specialized Plans

1. Nutrisystem Plans for Women

Unfortunately for the ladies, Harvard research has shown that women lose weight a lot harder than men. This usually happens because women deal with lower metabolic rates and have a higher amount of body fat. Also, there’s no news that they have more stressful lifestyles. To fight all these factors, Nutrisystem has designed several different plans which are dedicated to women in order to meet their unique needs.

Each plan created for women includes the following things:

  • A selection of more than 150 meals, including convenient frozen dinners;
  • An amazing variety of fresh vegetables and fruits that will help women develop low-calorie yet nutritious eating habits;
  • Treats and snacks such as string cheese, breakfast bars, and even carrot sticks;
  • Plenty of delicious desserts you can indulge in as a reward for your weight-loss progress. The best part is that these treats won’t make you lose your focus from reaching all your fitness and health goals.
  • As a woman, you will be able to develop an eating discipline without losing your freedom of choice and flexibility. These types of programs will also include delivery at your doorstep, free FedEx shipping, and professional counseling from experienced and certified nutritionists. (Here are our Best Nutrisystem Meal Plans Compared)

2. The Nutrisystem Plan for Men

Even professional athletes follow and appreciate the Men’s diet plan created by Nutrisystem. They say you can lose up to 22 pounds with the help of this eating program. Furthermore, it is even recommended by numerous medical professionals. During this diet, guys will receive full meaty meals which are also healthy because they don’t contain a lot of fat, sodium, and grease. So, you will eat thick meals, curb your cravings, get rid of the hunger sensation while also losing weight and improving your overall health.

This program offers more than 150 different meal options so you will definitely not get bored. It also includes free shipping. Moreover, it is healthy and safe because it is designed by a reliable company with at least 40 years of experience in developing eating plans for men. Some of these diets will come up with the following treats:

  • A hearty lunch made from a combination of hamburger and garden salad;
  • A lot of frozen choices like turkey varieties that work great as dinner options;
  • Creamy chocolate shakes that will kick-start your mornings – they can also be consumed as midmorning snacks;
  • Tasty pancakes that resemble the ones made at home accompanied by coffee.

Unlike other diet plans, this one allows you to enjoy a higher meal frequency. In fact, you will eat no less than five different meals per day. You will also have plenty of room for flex foods. These types of meals are prepared by you with a minimum effort. According to the company, one can shed up to a couple of pounds per week while maintaining a good general health. Finally, you will receive all your ordered meals at home.

3. The Plans Created for People with Diabetes

Nutrisystem D program which is meant to be followed by diabetic people who have special nutritional needs. So, despite your health condition, you can still lose weight without affecting your normal life or experience any unpleasant repercussions of your disease. On the contrary, I might add, this diet seems to alleviate some of the symptoms of diabetes and you will constantly be under a medical professional’s supervision.

All Nutrisystem’s standard plans, from the Basic to the Uniquely Yours one, provide an alternative for diabetic people so you can choose the one that suits your preferences and budget the most. When you become a part of this program, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • You will consume the good kind of carbohydrates which are also called low-glycemic carbs. These compounds regulate your blood sugar level while also protecting your heart;
  • Both low-fat and lean protein meals will strengthen your muscle mass and control blood sugar levels;
  • You will eat small and more frequent meals in order to control the symptoms of diabetes;
  • During the program, you will also receive a lot of useful suggestions and recommendations regarding proper workouts, exercises, and physical activities to keep your body active which will have a positive impact on your health condition.
  • With the Nutrisystem D plan, you will eat healthy without compromising on the variety and taste of the food you consume.

4. Nutrisystem for Vegetarians

Despite the fact that the majority of the Nutrisystem diet plans are made for meat eaters, the manufacturer’s representatives are well-aware of how disciplined one has to be in order to keep up with a vegetarian eating system. Therefore, they have come up with a well-balanced and nutritious vegetarian program which provides as many food alternatives as all their other programs. Dieters will enjoy over 100 available meals.

Here are some more details about what you will get with the Vegetarian plan that you should know about:

  • More than 100 delicious and full vegetarian foods that will cover all your main meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner;
  • All their meals are approved and recommended by professional dietitians. These foods contain all the necessary essential nutrients your body needs that help you lead a healthier lifestyle: protein, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc.;
  • Decadent treats, snacks, and desserts that are also vegetarian. They have a low amount of fat and are excellent for those of you who have a sweet tooth;
  • Access to plenty of online tools that dieters can use to keep up with their progress.
  • Besides all these perks, clients will receive counseling from health consultants, a four-week plan, and free shipping via FedEx.

C. Nutrisystem Turbo 10 Upgraded to Lean 13

The initial Turbo 10 program was updated and improved. It has been transformed into the new Nutrisystem Lean 13 diet plan which was launched in 2017. It works even better than the previous model and it has received its name based on the fact that it helps dieters lose around 13 pounds within the first month of trying the program. Furthermore, it is said to help you lose approximately seven inches around your waistline.

Lean 13 focuses on an effective mix of low-carb and high-protein foods. These meals will help you maintain your muscle mass and reduce the fat intake. According to the company, Nutrisystem’s experts have experimented with a lot of meal combinations to optimize their eating program before launching it. As a client, you will receive all the meals and snacks you need so that you will never go hungry.

Among the most popular products offered during this program, you will find the TurboShakes™ and the NutriCrash® bars. Both these items are supposed to improve your digestive health by reducing bloating, introducing good probiotic bacteria in your system, and leading to a highly effective as well as tasty weight-loss diet.

Besides these special treats and main meals, dieters will also benefit from the full support given by a team of certified diabetes educators, fitness and nutrition coaches, and experienced dietitians.

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Bottom Line: What is the Best Nutrisystem Plan for You?

As you can see, Nutrisystem diet plans are all about losing weight in a healthy and balanced manner. They help you regain control over your entire lifestyle and develop new more beneficial eating habits.

These programs lower the consumption of unhealthy ingredients and increase the amount of nutrient-dense foods.

Basically, you will eat what is good for you without making a lot of effort or engaging in time-consuming activities. The main goal is to achieve significant results such as weight-loss and an improved health in a short period.

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